You can view the one of a kind art work of Doc Ivory on his online gallery, please use the gallery tab or click Here.

Here at Ivory Crafts our master craftspeople can do all of your ivory repair and restoration work. Our ivory carvers will create custom designs. Ivory Crafts is your number one headquarters for scrap ivories and ivory supplies to craftspeople. We do sell pre-ban whole elephant tusk or sections and slabs of raw tusk ivory. Ivory Crafts will create carvings in other mediums such as Antler, exotic woods and stone, we specialize in making ivory handled canes  and such.

All of the elephant ivory we offer for sale was imported before the ban and is purchased from estates. No permits are required for sales, shipping or ownership of this ivory within the U.S.

Copyright artist. All rights reserved.

​​Ivory Crafts has a large selection of walrus ivory and a selection of ivory teeth, ivory carvings,  scrimshaw supplies, ivory beads, ivory cabochons, ivory netsuke carvings, genuine ivory knife handles and  ivory gun grips, ivory scrimshaw blanks and ivory jewelry. 

     "A One of Kind Ivory Art" using legal Ivory from Ivory Crafts

Of course we mean no harm to any elephants. The tusk for the art we create comes from a mammoth that died more than 10,000 years ago with its tusk surviving in the Russian permafrost soil or legal pre- ban ivory.